Kevin Hart Tour 2015 – 2016 | Tickets Are Here!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the worlds most hilarious comedians in person! The Kevin Hart tour 2015 is coming to an end. But it looks like he is also scheduling dates for 2016 as well! This means you still have the chance to see an amazing night of comedy all the way until next year. You will be performing all new material, never before seen in any of his previous specials or standup performances. Get your tickets now to ensure your seat will be there when you turn up for the show!

Kevin’s current string of shows is called is what now tour. There aren’t that many comedy stars that are able to headline their own worldwide series of shows. By Kevin Hart is one of today’s comedians that has no problem filling up arenas. There are only a few other comedians that can even stand on the same stage is him when it comes to bringing in the crowds. He has been selling out venues left and right all throughout this year’s concerts. Surprisingly, he went to the Madison Square Garden and was able to get a complete sellout by performing comedy. This is normally wear some of the most popular sports teams on earth play, and Kevin was able to bring in a crowded just as large as those events! You know that the comedy world is booming right now when some guy telling jokes is able to fill out a Stadium with seats in the five figures!

Another interesting thing about this comedian is that he is pretty much a self-made man. Several years ago just before 2010, he was given an attractive, safe offer to go on the road with some other popular comedians and hit the country as a team. This is a much easier way to guarantee that you’ll bring in the numbers necessary to fill up the large venues that these guys like to perform in. Instead of taking the safer although, he went off on his own and played small shows as a solo headliner. The venues he was performing in had no more than 1000 places for fans to sit. Another thing to know is, he didn’t do this for the money. If all he wanted to do was make money, he would have made much more by going on the road with some other famous comedians.

Despite all this, in the long run he definitely made the right choice. Although he started out performing in smaller venues, once his first solo tour was almost over he had no trouble putting 2 1/2 thousand people in seats when he performed a live show. This is the first step he made towards what he is today performing in huge venues during the Kevin Hart tour 2016. In fact, he may very well be playing the largest arenas of any comedian on the road in recent years. He is selling a boatload of tickets, and has made tens of millions of dollars thanks to selling out venues that usually only the worlds most popular sports teams can sell out.

Perhaps the only other two comedians who could play these kinds of shows are Louis CK and Aziz Ansari. Besides then you are going to see any other standup acts in stadiums in large arenas. He didn’t do everything on his own though. It’s thanks in large part to Louis CK that comedians are so widely accepted these days. He’s really the first major mainstream success on the comedic stage. This certainly pave the way for others to come along and bring their own unique brands of comedy to the world. If you want to check out the Kevin Hart tour 2016 or one of his remaining 2015 shows, this may be your last chance to buy tickets so don’t wait!